Danish Bonds DKK Acc.


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  • Share Class Assets (m)

    100 DKK

  • ÅOP (Costs)

    0,88 %

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    0.12 %

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Investment profile
The fund invests in listed bonds issued in DKK. The fund is actively managed and has an average duration of 3-5 years. The aim is a constant average duration of 4 years. The fund invests in bonds issued by governments, mortgage lenders and companies.

The typical investor
The typical investor has an investment horizon of at least 1 year and wishes to spread risk across many different Danish bonds. Furthermore the typical investor is looking for a highly stable return and annual distribution of dividends.

The objective is to obtain a return that equals or outperforms the return of the fund’s benchmark over a two-year period. The fund’s benchmark is EFFAS 1-3 – Danish government bonds.


Date 14/12/18 12:05

Today's Return: +0.06%

Return Nov.: +0.21%

Return YtD: +0.31%

NAV per. 14/12/18 12:05

Today's Returns 0.06 %
Return year to date, % 0.31 %
Redemption 33.25
Subscription 33.25
NAV 33.25
Total Assets (m) 100 DKK

Returns - Last Update 01/12/18

Return year to date, % 0.30 %
1 Year 0.14%
3 Years 4.76%
5 Years 7.56%
7 Years 13.30%
10 Years 34.34%

NAV development

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Return & Dividend

YearReturnsDividendIncome on equityCapital incomeTaxfreeNAV per unit (End Year)

Latest trends

Danish Bonds DKK AccReturn NovemberReturn YtD
Latest trend0.21%0.30%
Return benchmark0.20%0.62%

Development in NAV

Expectations of return

Fund's Holdings

Fund Holdings

Top 10 HoldingsCouponCountryBase currencyProportion
Danmarks Skibskreditforn 01.01.20222.00DenmarkDKK12.44%
Nordea Kredit 01.10.20401.50DenmarkDKK8.43%
Nordea Kredit 01.10.20371.50DenmarkDKK6.95%
Nordea Kredit 01.10.20502.00DenmarkDKK5.53%
RD 10F22 01.04.20221.00DenmarkDKK4.66%
Nykredit 21E 01.07.20210.05DenmarkDKK3.90%
Real Kredit 01.10.20502.00DenmarkDKK3.38%
Nykredit 32Hjul 01.07.2023-0.16DenmarkDKK3.06%
Nykredit 32GD 01.10.2022-0.18DenmarkDKK3.01%
NYK13Gap23D 23 095 01.04.20231.00DenmarkDKK2.92%
Fund Holdings: 97
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Distribution by country

CountryProportionChanges in percentage points
Faroe Islands0.85%0.02%


Lower risk

Higher risk

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Potentially lower rewards

Potentially higher rewards

Risk Scale

Placement of the fund on the scale is determined by the fluctuations of the funds NAV over the past five years.

Historical return fluctuations p.a.


Distribution by issuer

Distribution by issuerProportion
Mortgage bonds82.03%
Government bonds15.11%

Fees and Expenses

Fees and Expenses

Fees and ExpensesTotal Management FeeÅOP (Costs)Indirect Trade Cost SubscriptionRedemption
Danish Bonds DKK Acc.0.49 %0.88 %0.12 %0.00 %0.00 %

Key Information

Yield to Maturity1,16 %
Average Duration4,11
Deviation + (1 year)-
Deviation + (3 years)-
Danish VP Code6073867
Sharpe Ratio (3 Years)-
NAV ultimo 201733.15 DKK
Year to Date0,30 %
Inception of Share Class29.06.2016
Tax Rate-
BenchmarkEFFAS 3-7
Share Class Assets (m) 100 DKK
Total Assets (m)947 DKK
Base currencyDKK
AGM (annual general meeting)04.04.2019
Dividend (2017)-
TER (incl. depositary and adm.exp)0,49 %
ÅOP (Costs)0,88 %
Indirect Trade Cost 0.12 %
Expected return p.a.1,50 % p.a.
Expected min. return, 1 year-2,25 %
Expected max return, 1 year4,50 %
Fund Holdings97
Rec. investment horizonMin. 3 years
Portfolio ManagerNikolaj Fabricius
NAV ultimo November 201833.25