Investment guide


The philosophy of an investment fund such as Sydinvest is to make it easy and safe for investors to obtain a good return and lead a more rewarding life. Sydinvest gives you the opportunity to invest in different types of securities by buying investment units in one or more Sydinvest funds. Units represent an excellent option for everybody wishing to maximise their savings. In line with developments in the securities markets, Sydinvest has widened its range of funds and currently offers four different funds covering most investor needs and requirements.

Are you a private investor or an institutional client?Sydinvest offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Before you go ahead and buy units we recommend that you contact your account manager in order to tailor your portfolio to your needs and expectations. To ensure that you receive the best possible advisory services, please select:

Private Investors

Institutional Clients


How to invest

Before investing it is important that you carefully consider a number of questions about how you wish to plan your investments. You will need to identify your needs and requirements in terms of investment horizon, return and risk in the short and long term.

Investment horizonIf you are looking for a long-term investment, ie money that you will not need within the next few years, it is often a good idea to compile your portfolio with a large share of equities and a minor share of bonds. This compilation will give you a high projected total return over a large number of years.

If, on the contrary, you will need your money in the not too distant future (if for instance you wish to buy a house or a car) you may find that a risky investment decreases in value just when you want to use the money. Therefore if your investment horizon is short term, we recommend that you invest primarily in bond funds with minor price fluctuations.

Return and risk appetite
Return and risk appetite are closely related when investing in securities. As a rule of thumb, the greater the risk you are willing to assume, the higher the return you may expect to receive on your investments. If you choose high-risk investments you should expect relatively large price fluctuations compared with low-risk investments. Your “reward” for running a greater risk is a projected return that is higher than the return on low-risk investments.

The information on these pages helps you tailor your investments to your present and future needs and requirements.

Advisory services

  1. Advisory services
    Sydinvest offers  funds each covering a particular investment area. Some funds focus on investments in equities, others on investments in bonds. Your account manager will provide you with information about securities investments before you make your choice – and the result will be a securities portfolio tailored to your specific needs. Please feel free to set up a meeting with your account manager.
  2. Purchase of investment units
    When buying an investment unit in any Sydinvest fund you become a joint owner of the fund’s capital. Each Sydinvest fund invests in a wide range of equities and bonds, which means that each investment unit owned by you is equal to an ownership share in different securities.
    If you own Sydinvest investment units they may be deposited into a custody account with your bank.
  3. Return on investments
    Ongoing asset management provides you with a good opportunity to increase the value of your investments. The total increase in value accrues to the investors.
  4. Investment management
    Managing your investments can be a time-consuming affair, so why not leave that to us?
    Sydinvest's securities experts are responsible for ongoing fund asset management where buying and selling fund securities is subject to careful analysis of anticipated market developments. It is easy to change your portfolio composition: investment units can be bought and sold overnight at your bank.
  5. Tax information
    This fund is authorised in Denmark and regulated by the Danish FSA. Moreover the fund has been approved for marketing in Germany, Luxemburg, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
    Your tax consultant will provide you with detailed information on the taxation of foreign investment funds.