About Sydinvest

About Sydinvest

Sydinvest was established in 1987. In line with developments in securities markets, Sydinvest has broadened its range of funds and currently has  different funds that cover the needs and requirements of most clients.

The philosophy of an investment fund such as Sydinvest is to make it easy and safe for you as a unit-holder to obtain a good return and to lead a more rewarding life.

At Sydinvest you can invest in different types of securities by buying investment units in one or more Sydinvest funds. Investment units represent an excellent option for everybody wishing to save up through Sydinvest . In line with developments in the securities markets, Sydinvest has widened its range of funds so that they cover most investor needs and requirements.

Sydinvest owned by unit-holders
Buying shares and bonds through an investment fund will make you a unit-holder of the investment fund. Sydinvest is owned exclusively by its unit-holders. They are entitled to attend general meetings and to exercise influence – for example by electing the board of directors.

Sydinvest profit
The sole object of the investment fund is to make money for its unit-holders as they own the securities. The profit of each fund is distributed to unit-holders proportionate to their holdings of units.