New Investors

Sydinvest offers a basket of investment opportunitie

But before you go ahead and buy investment units we recommend that you seek thorough advice on securities investments in order to tailor your portfolio to your needs and requirements. In order to ensure that we provide you with optimum advisory services, please select:


Institutional Client

Investing through Sydinvest – easy and safe – gives you a more rewarding life
Safe because you pool your investments with many others and because risk diversification is an inherent feature of Sydinvest funds. For you that means reduced risk and more stable returns.

Easy and efficient when you leave your securities savings to Sydinvest
Easy because your savings are looked after and managed by experts who keep you updated on your savings.

Safe as careful asset management improves your return potential
Sydinvest is governed by the Danish Investment Associations and Special-Purpose Associations and other Collective Investment Schemes etc Consolidated Act, which aims to give you as an investor the best possible protection. This means for instance that:

  • Sydinvest must invest in listed securities
  • Investments must be diversified across many different securities 
  • Borrowed funds may not be invested.