See your dividends

Date: 21. Jan. 2020 Time 12:00

The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the preliminary dividends and consequently we can offer you an informed estimate of your dividends for the financial year 2019.

Funds ISIN Currency Dividend
per unit
Danish Bonds B DKK d DK0060738755 DKK 0.25
Emerging Market Bonds B EUR d DK0060626281 EUR 0.30
Danish Equities B DKK d DK0060711208 DKK 0.31
EM Local Currency Bonds B EUR d DK0060626364 EUR 0.29

You will receive the dividends in January, ie before the Annual General Meeting on 1 April 2020. However this will not have any effect on the size of your dividend payment. If the preliminary dividend from January is smaller than the dividend adopted by the general meeting, the difference will be credited to your account after the AGM.

You can expect to have your dividend credited to your account within the coming week.