Mergers at Sydinvest adopted at extraordinary general meeting

Date: 19. Oct. 2021 Time 08:18

The merger proposals regarding Sydinvest Danmark, Sydinvest Latinamerika and Sydinvest International were adopted at the general meeting on Thursday 14 October 2021.

The merger proposals submitted by the board of directors with the latter as the continuing fund:

  • International KL with HøjrenteLande Korte Obligationer Akk KL
  • Latinamerika KL with BRIK KL
  • Danmark KL with Bæredygtige Aktier KL

All merger proposals were adopted by the general meeting.

The last trading day of the funds is 25 October and units in the funds are expected to be exchanged for units in the continuing funds on 3 November.

Merger letters will be sent to affected investors on 15 October so that they can decide on their participation in the merger before the last trading day.

All the mergers are taxable mergers.


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