See your expected dividends

Date: 30. Nov. 2020 Time 09:30

Today Sydinvest has published its expected dividends for 2020. See here how much dividend you will receive.

The expected dividends from Investeringsforeningen Sydinvest are preliminary and may change before the payout date. The dividends must be adopted by the Investment Fund’s general meeting on 26 March 2021 before they become final. It is expected that the dividends will be paid at the end of January 2021.

The expected dividends are indicated per unit:

Fund ISIN Expected dividend
Sydinvest Danish Bonds DKK d DK0060738755 0,10 DKK
Sydinvest Danish Equity DKK d DK0060711208 0,49 DKK
Sydinvest Emerging Market Bonds EUR d h DK0060626281 0,54 EUR
Sydinvest Emerging Market Local Currency Bonds EUR d DK0060626364 0,46 EUR
Sydinvest International Bonds EUR d DK0060626018 0,00 EUR