Sydinvest to distribute dividends

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 11:00

Investeringsforeningen Sydinvest held its Annual General Meeting on 28 March 2017. Board Chairman Hans Lindum Møller reported that Sydinvest’s net profit totalled DKK 2.31bn.

Following the Chairman’s statement CEO Eskild Bak Kristensen presented the financial data of the annual report, including dividend distribution which represents DKK 820m for 2016.
The general meeting adopted the Investment Fund’s annual report as well as the proposed dividend rates. Dividends will be distributed immediately following the General Meeting and will be available after the 30th of March 2017.

Funds ISIN WKN Base currency Denomination Dividend
Danish Bonds B DKK d DK0060738755 A2AL6F DKK 10 0,04
International Bonds B EUR d DK0060626018 A14QE5 EUR 10 0,14
Emerging Market Bonds B EUR d DK0060626281 A14QE6 EUR 10 0,48
Emerging Market Local Currency Bonds B EUR d DK0060626364 A14QE7 EUR 10 0,25
Danish Equities B DKK d DK0060711208 A2AF78 DKK 10 0,60

Proposals at the General Meeting
The general meeting adopted the proposal to amend the Articles of Association submitted by the Board of Directors: to insert as item 10 in Article 6 (1) the following: “invests a maximum of 50% of its capital in corporate bonds and may not invest in premium bonds or convertible bonds.” The current item 10 becomes item 11.

The general meeting rejected the proposal to create a new investment fund “Hamburg/Altona” named “Hanseaterne”.

Election of the Board of Directors
At the General Meeting, Niels Therkelsen, Linda Sandris Larsen and Peter Jørgensen were up for election. They were all re-elected. The Board of Directors subsequently elected Hans Lindum Møller as chairman and Niels Therkelsen as vice-chairman.

Appointment of auditor
Ernst & Young was appointed as the Investment Fund’s auditor.