Notice convening the Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 14:00

Notice convening the Annual General Meeting of Investeringsforeningen Sydinvest. The General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 March 2017 at 3:00pm at Sønderjyllandshallen, H.P. Hanssens Gade 7, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark.


  1. The Board of Directors’ review of the previous year.
  2. Presentation of the annual report for adoption, proposals for the allocation of the profit for the year, any proposals for the allocation of proceeds in relation to asset realisations as well as ap-proval of the remuneration of board members, cf Article 19(6) of the Articles of Association.
  3. Proposals submitted by investors or the Board of Directors.

    Proposals submitted by the Board of Directors:
    A. In the paragraph on the funds of the Articles of Association, Article 6(1), to insert as item 10: “invests a maximum of 50% of its capital in corporate bonds and may not invest in premium bonds or convertible bonds.” The current item 10 becomes item 11.

    Proposals submitted by investors:
    B. Creation of a new investment fund “Hamburg/Altona” named “Hanseaterne”.
  4. Authorisation of the Board of Directors to implement such amendments to the Articles of Association of the Investment Fund as may be ordered by public authorities, including the Danish FSA, as a condition for approval.
  5. Election of board members.
    A description of nominated candidates 
  6. Appointment of auditor.
  7. Any other business.

Voting rights and agenda
Any unit-holder of the Investment Fund is entitled to attend the General Meeting if the unit-holder has ordered an admission card subject to the presentation of proof of units no later than five banking days prior to the General Meeting. Voting rights may be exercised only in relation to units which one week prior to the General Meeting have been registered in the name of the relevant unit-holder in the In-vestment Fund’s books. Admission cards will be forwarded between three and six days prior to the General Meeting.

The agenda, the complete proposal to amend the Articles of Association and the annual report including the auditor’s report will be available for inspection by the unit-holders at the premises of the In-vestment Fund no later than eight days before the General Meeting.

Admission cards
Admission cards are available on request at Syd Fund Management A/S.

Aabenraa, 28 February 2017

The Board of Directors of
Investeringsforeningen Sydinvest

Hans Lindum Møller