New CEO of Syd Fund Management A/S

Date: 24. Apr. 2020 Time 14:25

Steffen Ussing has been appointed the new CEO of Syd Fund Management A/S, which is the investment management company of for instance Sydinvest.

Steffen Ussing comes from a position as Senior Vice President, Investments at Sydbank and has 25 years’ professional investment experience. 

The current CEO of Syd Fund Management A/S, Eskild Bak Kristensen, is retiring after 16 years as head of the management company behind Sydinvest, one of Denmark’s largest investment funds.

Steffen Ussing will move to Syd Fund Management A/S on 1 June and take over as CEO on 3 July.

Aabenraa 24 April 2020

In case of questions please contact Senior Vice President Investor Relations Tine  Lawaetz Lund on +45 74 37 33 17.