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    80 DKK

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    1,72 %

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    0.08 %

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Investment profile
The fund invests in Danish equities. The fund invests in companies spread across different industries. The fund is actively managed. The selection of shares is based on a thorough analysis of companies’ financial statements and the composition of the fund’s investments focuses on achieving the highest possible return while considering risk.  


The typical investor
The typical investor has an investment horizon of at least 3 years and is looking for a high degree of diversifi-cation across Danish companies as a good long-term investment opportunity. Investors are expected to know that risk factors, see “Risk factors” below, may at times lead to significant price fluctuations within the fund.

Investment objective and benchmark
The objective is to obtain a return that equals or outperforms the return of the fund’s benchmark over a three-year period. The fund’s benchmark is “OMXC ALL CAP GI” (the capped version of OMXC ALL index, including dividends).


Date 21/09/18 12:06

Today's Return: +0.85%

Return Aug.: +0.00%

Return YtD: +3.21%

NAV per. 21/09/18 12:06

Today's Returns 0.85 %
Return year to date, % 3.21 %
Redemption 9.87
Subscription 9.87
NAV 9.87
Total Assets (m) 80 DKK

Returns - Last Update 01/09/18

Return year to date, % 7.28 %
1 Year 2.76%
3 Years 0.00%
5 Years 0.00%
7 Years 0.00%
10 Years 0.00%

NAV development

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Return & Dividend

YearReturnsDividendIncome on equityCapital incomeTaxfreeNAV per unit (End Year)

Latest trends

Danish Equities DKK dReturn AugustReturn YtD
Latest trend0.00%7.28%
Return benchmark0.30%8.34%

Development in NAV

Expectations of return

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Entwicklung in EUR in

1 years

10 years

100 kr

Date 01/09/2018. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Fund's Holdings

Fund Holdings

Top 10 HoldingsIndustryCountryProportion
Danske BankDiversified BanksDenmark9.67%
Novo Nordisk BPharmaceuticalsDenmark9.56%
AP Møller - Mærsk BMarineDenmark5.60%
William DemantHealth Care EquipmentDenmark4.82%
Carlsberg BBrewersDenmark4.74%
Jyske BankDiversified BanksDenmark4.60%
ISSDiversified Support ServicesDenmark4.60%
Novozymes BSpecialty ChemicalsDenmark4.08%
Fund Holdings: 34
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Distribution by country

Distribution by industry

IndustryProportionChanges in percentage points
Health Care31.01%2.77%
Consumer Staples7.81%-0.16%
Consumer Discretionary2.98%-1.94%
Information Technology1.90%-1.97%

Distrubution by currency

Base currencyProportion


Lower risk

Higher risk

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Potentially lower rewards

Potentially higher rewards

Risk Scale

Placement of the fund on the scale is determined by the fluctuations of the funds NAV over the past five years.

Historical return fluctuations p.a.

Fees and Expenses

Fees and Expenses

Fees and ExpensesTotal Management FeeÅOP (Costs)Indirect Trade Cost SubscriptionRedemption
Danish Equities DKK d1.10 %1.72 %0.08 %3.70 %0.20 %

Key Information

Active Share-
Tracking Error-
Deviation + (1 year)-
Deviation + (3 years)-
Danish VP Code6071120
Sharpe Ratio (3 Years)-
NAV ultimo 201710.79 DKK
Year to Date7,28 %
Inception of Share Class02.05.2016
Tax Rate-
Share Class Assets (m) 80 DKK
Total Assets (m)540 DKK
Base currencyDKK
AGM (annual general meeting)22.03.2018
Dividend (2017)1.24
TER (incl. depositary and adm.exp)1,1 %
ÅOP (Costs)1,72 %
Indirect Trade Cost 0.08 %
Expected return p.a.7,00 % p.a.
Expected min. return, 1 year-11,00 %
Expected max return, 1 year25,00 %
Fund Holdings34
Rec. investment horizonMin. 4 years
Portfolio ManagerNicolas Rasmussen
NAV ultimo August 201810.26